Brian "Scoop" Anthony, originally born and raised in Los Angeles, California - Has maintained his abilities in the art of Photography for the past 18 years. His journey through the creative process of still photographs has taken him around the globe as well as yearly tours across the continental United States. Having lived on both coasts in New York, California, and Washington as well as Chicago - Scoop tends to navigate away from a mainstream of photographers and sets himself aside to the virtuoso of travel and documentary shooting, besides his main passion for Art Photography.

Finding the patient balance between provocative assignments across international borders, and original subject work in the United States, Scoop centers the apex of his creativity around Art and Story Photography. Being able to take undiscovered subjects and placing them in the nucleus of poetic and compelling story photographs has been a long passion of his.

His other highlights include a list of serious and metaphoric culture works, he continues to capture along his journeys from continent to continent. Besides shooting projects in 17 states across the country, he has logged over 80,000 miles internationally in the last year alone. He has work published in numerous magazines, articles and business advertisements across the United States and other countries around the world. A large portion of Scoop's notoriety over the past few years has been in the horse industry, and the advertisement industry for both fashion and models.

The significant and loyal response Scoop gets from his fans and clients, is how they know his ability to stay original and true to what he believes makes a perfect photograph. He is known for never altering his shots in post production that take away from the original livelihood of the moment it was taken. However, his unique and captivating coloring to the story of his individual photographs in post production are what he is really known for. Never using a tri-pod or a fixed position other than his own body, his speed and skill behind the camera at all costs, makes him one of the most reliable motion photographers in the industry. Raking in the reputation of sometimes putting his subjects through incredible feats for a single shot, is also what draws people from all over to want to work in front of his lens.

Besides photography, Brian "Scoop" Anthony can also be recognized as a provocative and dramatic writer and poet. His pen name C.R. Beckway, has been the binding signature on countless poems, short stories, essays, articles, screenplays, short films and audio recordings. Separating himself from parts of the normal photo world, he often blends his work of pictures with his creative writing ability for gallery showings, short films, and other projects. Scoop is also known as an established artist and painter in Florida. Having paintings sold and hung in businesses and galleries up and down the eastern states, he swayed more toward photography when he headed back to the pacific northwest.

An emotional coalition of creative drive and passion, have been the breathing structure of Scoop's livelihood for most of his career. Fearless and brave as to the action he takes to battle his ideas, he continues to make a difference in the world of photography under the elements he believes are his true identity - Failure, Solitude, Humility, Unconditional Compromise and the ability to Never Give Up.

Scoop also teaches photography clinics around the United States and Asia. This website showcases a small portion of the work compiled yearly by Brian "Scoop" Anthony. Currently for the winter of 2015, he is on assignment in The People's Republic of China, Russia, Central Africa, South Africa, The West Indies and Eastern Europe. Traveling in and out of the country on international photojournalist assignments. Between home in the United States and abroad, he resides between the East Coast and Shanghai, China.

This Gallery features ONLY a certain variety of Scoop's photographs from the recent years of his work. Having taken thousands and thousands of pictures over the span of the tour, the photographs placed here on this site have been narrowed down for display online. NOTE: Beginning February 4, 2012, official prices for each individual photograph will be up and ready, and the oppurtunity for purchase will be in effect. Many more galleries are planned here, as he continues his tour in Asia until February, so be sure to keep in touch. Spanning from all sides of the imagination and the solid line of realism and fiction, these chosen photographs are here to demonstrate the complete variety and imagination that powers Brian Anthony into his work.
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